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Manage your travel and entertainment expenses efficiently with the HSBC World Corporate MasterCard. Our corporate card enables you to reduce the administrative   costs while increasing your ability to manage your employees' spending on dining, travelling, and other business-related expenses. Your employees will no longer need to use their personal credit cards - a situation which creates more paperwork, presents opportunities for fraud and can breed resentment (if reimbursements are delayed). The corporate card allows greater security and flexibility while enabling you to adhere to your business travel and entertainment policies.

Benefits to your business

Greater flexibility

Improved cash flows Your company and the Cardholders receive up to 54 days of interest-free credit to settle card dues. This helps avoid lengthy administration and funding costs for petty cash advances to employees to meet their routine business expenses.
Improved control • Set individual spending limits for each Cardholder.
• Alter limits based on anticipated usage.
• ATM access: The Company can nominate Cardholders to have ATM access up to 100 per cent of their credit limit.
Billing and Currency All charges incurred by the employees will be consolidated in a single currency (SGD) in one statement, giving your company control over planning and budgeting. The total sum can be paid by a standing instruction to an HSBC account, cheque or bank transfer.


MasterCard SecureCode Lower the risk of fraud with online purchases at participating retailers.
Corporate Card Liability Waiver Insurance* The HSBC World Corporate MasterCard comes with a corporate liability waiver insurance. The sum assured is up to USD25,000 per Cardholder per annum subject to a maximum of USD1,650,000 per company per annum.

*Liability Waiver insurance is underwritten by Lloyd's Insurance, to which HSBC is the assured. Claims are subject to the applicable terms and conditions.

Streamlined administration and reimbursement processes

Statement A summary statement is sent to your business with details of the monthly dues for all corporate cards.
Management Information (MI) MI is key to analyse and control your business expenditure and can be labour-intensive and time-consuming to produce. We offer online reporting through the Smart Data Gen 2 (SDG2) package which makes this simple to manage. (For more information on SDG2, click here.)

Smart Data Gen 2 (SDG2) web-based reporting application

Electronic security and access restrictions • Smart Data Gen 2 utilises state-of-the-art security measures to ensure the safety of your business and the integrity of your data.
• Access is restricted to the associates you designate, with each individual or group authorised to receive specific levels of information. Each authorised user receives a unique User ID and Password. Sensitive data such as Card numbers are automatically blocked from view.
• Firewalls and 128-bit encryption technology are monitored and updated to protect your records from unauthorised access.
Create hierarchy Your business can create its own hierarchy or structures for access and display purposes.
Enhanced data capabilities • Real-time Internet-based management information solution that allows you to view your card's spending information on the web to boost productivity and efficiency while cutting costs.
• Facilitates the management information strategy of over 10,000 companies worldwide.
• Flexible and robust cutting-edge solution employed by businesses to better organise, consolidate, analyse and manage financial data from their corporate cards.
• Helps you better manage and control your businesses spending by delivering the richest transaction data available from basic transaction details such as merchant name, cardholder name, amount and date of purchase, to line-item details.
Significant cost savings • Facilitates downloading of over 25 reports which can be viewed online or be integrated with your own accounting systems, making reconciliation easy. These reports can be used to:
   - Ensure adherence to policy on expenses.
   - Review individual Cardholder limits.
   - Monitor total expenditure.
• Reduces administrative costs, while enabling you to more efficiently track your business expenditures.
• Allows analysing expenses with key suppliers easily, so you can use this information to negotiate better pricing or consolidate spending.
Monitor Non-Card Expenses Non-card expenses such as taxi fares or restaurant tips can also be added to SDG2.

For more information, please call our 24-hours Commercial Credit Card Hotline at 1800 227 6227 if you are in Singapore or (65) 6227 6227 if you are overseas.

Benefits to your staff

MasterCard privileges

The Corporate Card programme gives you a world-class experience on fine dining, hotel discounts or sporting events.

Visit to take advantage of the exclusive offers and a listing of all participating merchants.

JetQuay Singapore - Complimentary use of Quayside service* (From now till 31 October 2019)

Complimentary use of Quayside single-trip service for the Cardholder and up to one companion travelling on the same flight. Quayside's signature service, is a personalised service conducted exclusively through the CIP terminal and passengers are escorted to and from the boarding gate/arrival gate by electric buggy.

*Terms and conditions apply. Offer is limited to 75 visits each month, on a first come first serve basis. For full details, please visit

24-hours customer service

Our dedicated staff is always there to assist you 24-hours a day. Simply call our 24-hours Commercial Credit Card Hotline at 1800 227 6227 if you are in Singapore or (65) 6227 6227 if you are overseas.

Other benefits

Worldwide acceptance
Our Cards are accepted at over 34 million merchant locations and 900,000 ATM's worldwide.
MasterCard emergency services
In case of emergencies, corporate cardholders can call MasterCard's Global Service Centre, which provides 24-hours support on lost or stolen cards, emergency replacement cards, or emergency cash advances at ATM locations to cardholders worldwide. Call (636) 722 7111 or 800 1100 113.
Easy access to cash
In case of emergencies, authorised Cardholders may obtain cash against the Corporate Card from any participating banks worldwide or can make cash withdrawals from ATMs (900,000 ATMs worldwide).
Card statements
Cardholders will receive a personalised monthly statement giving details of their Card transactions for their own records.

For more information, please call our 24-hours Commercial Credit Card Hotline at 1800 227 6227 if you are in Singapore or (65) 6227 6227 if you are overseas.

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