RMB: change more than your currency

RMB: change more than your currency

RMB solutions

HSBC’s expertise in RMB can help you capitalise on the benefits of doing business with China. The currency is now used regularly for trade, investment and financing by countries around the globe, and use is expected to continue expanding.

It will be critical for organisations trading with China to stay up-to-date with this evolving market as the Chinese government is actively seeking to internationalise the RMB to match China's global economic status. HSBC is the leading international bank for RMB, and the largest foreign bank in China. Our local and global connections and flexible suite of RMB products and services can support your trade relationships, simplify cash flows and help you make the most of new opportunities.

RMB: Change more than your currency

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RMB resource centre

The HSBC RMB Resource Centre is a dedicated site where you can find all our latest videos, key insights and information about our RMB solutions to help support your business.

Here is a sample of the resources:

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