HSBC Instant Device Document Tracker

Ensuring swift receipt of our import and export documentary credits and advices

At HSBC, we understand the importance of receiving information promptly. That is why we have developed Instant@dvice, an efficient means of receiving a copy of your documentary credits (DCs)**, subsequent amendments and other trade advices via email.+

Instant@dvice saves exporters and importers precious time and money by offering the following advantages:

Enhanced accuracy in document preparation

Copy the relevant text from the DC sent to you via e-mail and use it on other trade documents as required.

Improved logistics management

Reduce the time spent waiting for phone calls, faxes and even delivery of hard copy advices of your transactions. You can start your manufacturing and sourcing process immediately or send it to your supplier and other trade partners upon receipt of your DC.

Reduced document management costs

As an export customer, you can save on courier, handling and storage costs with our free DC Safe Custody service where your original DCs will be securely stored.

Easy tracking of trade documents with Document Tracker

Check the delivery status of your trade documents with Document Tracker brought to you by HSBC and DHL Worldwide Express.

Document Tracker

Document Tracker provides immediate shipment report and notification on the progress or final delivery status of your documents via e-mail. All you need is our reference number on your trade advice.

Document Tracker allows you to:

  • Check the current delivery status of your trade documents anytime, anywhere*
  • Access 90 days historical records
  • Receive email alerts for delivery updates
  • Enjoy complimentary usage with no hidden charges

Check delivery status:
HSBC Shipment Delivery Status Check

Request for updates on delivery status:
HSBC Shipment Delivery Status - Request for update

Apply for Instant@dvice now. (PDF, 568KB)

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