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In relation to the changes in our 2021 Commercial Bank Tariffs, we will like to inform you that we will only be implementing the "Handling fee for non-electronic applications / instructions" for selected trade transactions from 1 March 2021 onwards. The fee would apply on submissions through non-electronic channels, including paper and fax, on the following trade transactions:

  1. 1. Import documentary credits (DC): Applications for new issuances and amendments
  2. 2. Import DC/collection bills: Settlement instructions
  3. 3. Import loans (Trust Receipt loans and Buyer Loans): New loan applications, requests for extension and settlement instructions
  4. 4. Export DCs: Applications for transfer of DC
  5. 5. Banker's Guarantees and Standby DCs: Applications for new issuances and amendments


We would be pleased to help you get started on transacting through HSBCnet. Please reach out to your Relationship Manager or Trade Specialist to find out more.


Commercial bank tariff update with effect from 1 January 2021


The 2021 Commercial Bank Tariffs has been updated

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