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Sustainability Solutions for Business

Singapore is accelerating its efforts towards achieving a net-zero economy, in line with the Singapore Green Plan 2030. More than ever, it is important for businesses to embrace sustainability and innovation, be open to new growth opportunities and stay relevant in the low carbon economy.

We understand our customers have evolving needs to unlock transition and sustainability-linked growth opportunities. We’re focused on supporting businesses across the ecosystem to contribute to a net zero economy with our financing options and leveraging our global scale, deep expertise and strong presence in emerging markets.

Our sustainability solutions

HSBC’s sustainable finance and investment offering could help your business meet its ESG goals with a suite of solutions, expertise and tools.

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How we support our clients

Transition Pathways

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Designed for companies in carbon-intensive industries, HSBC's Transition Pathways connects you with insight to help guide your business towards net zero. Explore the sector dynamics for Energy, Transport & Logistics, Real Estate, and Industrials & Chemicals on the sentiments towards transition.

Discover more sustainability insights

Why cleantech is mission critical for Singapore

Priya Kini, MD and Head of Commercial Banking, HSBC Singapore, highlights the opportunity for Singapore to play to its core strengths of innovation and finance to become a global centre for excellence in cleantech, an invaluable next step in the city's ongoing evolution.

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Keeping supply chains sustainable

Global supply chains make up about 80% of the world's total carbon emissions. Read how Japfa, an Agrifood firm, is using data and tech to increase visibility of and reduce carbon-related factors in their supply chain.

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Global Research and further insights

Explore the latest analysis industry dynamics with HSBC Global Research and some of our latest reports that unlock opportunity linked to sustainability.

Our climate strategy

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Today we finance a number of industries that significantly contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. We have a strategy to help our customers to reduce their emissions and to reduce our own.

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