Transition Pathways

Transitioning to a net zero future

Designed for companies in carbon-intensive industries, HSBC's Transition Pathways connects you with insight, expertise and solutions to help guide your business towards net zero. The transition to a sustainable future is a priority we share with our clients, but it is a challenge that can only be met by working together, sharing knowledge and building partnerships. Join us to explore how individual sectors are tackling decarbonisation, together with perspectives from industry experts and HSBC thought leaders on the actions your business can take to realise your sustainability ambitions.

Transition plans are becoming the new normal and, in an increasing number of markets, a regulatory and disclosure requirement for both corporates and financial institutions. Transition plans demonstrates action and practical steps against ambition and show regulators, financiers, investors and customers how an organisation intends to reach net zero, often by 2050, across its operations and value chains.

The industries that face the hardest road towards net zero are also the ones that will have the biggest impact on the future of our planet. We are committed to working together to support our clients on this journey.

Seb Henbest | Group Head of Climate Transition, HSBC

Explore sector dynamics

Real Estate

Explore our latest survey findings from over 300 real estate developers and investors in 20 markets on their sentiment towards the transition to net zero. How are they addressing Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, where is capex spend being deployed and what are some of the biggest influences on their decision-making?

Industrials and Chemicals

We asked 375 companies in the industrials and chemicals sector how they are approaching the transition to net zero. Explore the findings to discover what the accelerators of progress are, what actions the sector is taking to reduce emissions and where they are investing.


Explore survey findings from 300 global energy companies on their sentiment towards transitioning to net zero. How are they pulling Scope 1,2 and 3 levers, what is influencing their capex spend and more.

Transport and Logistics

We asked over 300 global transport and logistics companies how they are navigating towards a low-carbon future. What are the drivers and roadblocks? Where are they steering their spending, and how are companies overtaking the competition?

How businesses are implementing the energy transition

During this episode we speak with leaders from different sectors about how they are thinking about and implementing the transition to low and zero carbon energy. What are the challenges they face? How are their business operations evolving in light of the transition? And, how is it all being financed?
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