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*New* Customer Service Instruction Form!

Introducing our all new HSBC Customer Service Instruction Form! If you would like to submit any of the below servicing request, please download the smartform HERE:

  • Amendments

    Change of Address*
    Change of Customer Name*
    Change of Contact Person *
  • Time Deposit

    Place New Time Deposit**
    Renew Existing Time Deposit**
    Withdraw Existing Time Deposit**
  • Cheque Payments

    Stop Cheque Payment

  • Standing Instructions

    Standing Instructions (Triggered by Date)
    Standing Instructions (Triggered by Balance)
  • Account Servicing

    Dormant Account Reactivation
    Account Closure
    Account Opening for Existing Customers
    PayNow Corporate Maintenance Form
  • Request for Customer Data

    Banker’s Reference Letter*

* If you are setup on a Singapore HSBCnet Masterprofile, you can now update your company addresses, primary contact details as well as request for Banker’s Reference Letter online remotely and securely 24/7 through HSBCnet Self-service and Support . To update, login in here. For more information, please contact your Relationship Manager.

** Time deposit placement, renewal# and withdrawal# can be done digitally via HSBCnet. Please contact your Relationship Manager for more information.

# A one time setup maybe required.

Renminbi Current Account

FATCA Declaration (For Global Banking customers)

Contact us

Update contact details via HSBCnet

Update Contact Details via HSBCnet

You can now update your company address and contact details online through HSBCnet Self-service and Support.

To update, login here.