HSBC's virtual roundtable: Supply chain resiliency in industrial sector
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In conversation with business leaders in Asia: Supply chain resiliency in industrials sector

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Gain insights from business leaders in the industrials sector on how they have navigated challenges in the supply chains, and how they expect supply chain to evolve.

Against the backdrop of the global pandemic, HSBC and Deloitte Consulting hosted a series of three virtual roundtables to understand how supply chains have been affected across different industries and how they might evolve going forward:

  • Part 1: Consumer and retail
  • Part 2: Industrials
  • Part 3: Shipping and logistics

In this second of a three-part series, hear from business leaders in the industrials sector as they discuss the challenges faced as well as insights on how they are navigating the new normal.

The Panel

Arne Schulz
Arne Schulz
Chief Finance Officer
TGOOD Global

Manu Taneja

Manu Taneja
Regional Treasurer,
General Electric

Mathias Puetz
Mathias Puetz
Vice President,
Purchasing & Supplier Management Asia Pacific,

Andrey Berdichevskiy (Facilitator)
Andrey Berdichevskiy (Facilitator)
Lead, Global Future of Mobility Solution Centre,
Deloitte Singapore

Joshia Tan (Moderator)
Joshia Tan (Moderator)
Head of Sales, Global Banking,
Global Trade Solutions,
HSBC Singapore

Discussion Highlights

00:00 – Introductions by HSBC and Deloitte
03:07 - Understanding the supply chain impact
13:50 - Leveraging technology to future proof supply chains
23:00 - Role of sustainability
32:05 - Future of mobility
45:30 - What actions should business leaders take now to prepare for the post Covid-19 world
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