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Epsilon transforms their treasury with HSBC Treasury Solutions Group

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Empowering Epsilon’s growth strategy with liquidity centralization, automation, and scalability on treasury

Epsilon Telecommunications (Epsilon) is a leading global software-defined network provider with offices in London, Singapore, and Sofia. The company provides a comprehensive suite of end-to-end connectivity and communication solutions, including colocation and voice services, to hundreds of network operators, managed service providers and businesses around the world.

Epsilon’s mission is to provide organizations with an easier alternative to buying, managing, and optimising network services through their proprietary Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform. Combined with a high-performance and far-reaching global network that spans across Europe, the Middle East, the United States, and Asia including mainland China and Korea, Epsilon aims to empower businesses with complete agility and reach, truly interconnecting their digital world.

Epsilon’s objectives

Epsilon had fragmented cash positions in US, UK and Asia with manual treasury processes when managing FX and intercompany lending. This meant that Epsilon could not fully optimize their cash globally across entities.

Achieving excellence with HSBC’s Treasury Solutions Group

With a high-growth outlook over the next five years, Epsilon was exploring solutions to increase efficiency in their treasury and finance functions through automation, enhanced visibility and control. Taking a consultative approach, HSBC identified their intentions and requirements for treasury transformation. The Treasury Solutions Group, comprising of highly experienced specialists, worked with Epsilon to review their current Liquidity, FX and Payments processes and identified functions and flows that could be centralised in order to deliver scale and control. HSBC’s Global Payments Solutions Sales and Global Banking and Markets teams also worked with the Treasury Solutions Group to analyze their data and processes, sharing best practices and presenting the most feasible structures and solutions for Epsilon.

With strong collaboration and partnership with HSBC over the first half of the year, Epsilon decided to adopt our recommended centralised model to manage their liquidity, funding and FX.

With entities across multiple markets globally, Epsilon was looking to manage liquidity, payments and FX centrally. Advancing on Epsilon’s global growth ambitions require us to digitise and centralise treasury functions and flows, where scale, visibility, and efficiency can be achieved. Guided by the experience and insights from HSBC teams across Treasury Solutions Group, Global Payments Solutions, and Global Banking and Markets, we devised a transformation blueprint together to deliver just that. We look forward to a great partnership with HSBC going forward.

Sungjoon Choi | CFO, Epsilon Telecommunications

The Success

Our solution will enable Epsilon to achieve enhanced visibility and control of their cash, with automated sweeps and a dashboard view of their liquidity positions enabling them in making more effective funding and FX decisions. Additionally, Epsilon will be digitising payment flows via host-to-host connectivity following their ERP upgrade. This is a very positive outcome and a testament to the hard work of both our teams – HSBC looks forward to continuously support Epsilon in their treasury transformation journey.

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