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HSBC-Deloitte Webinar Series: Sustainability Transformation

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HSBC, in partnership with Deloitte, has launched a three-part webinar series where business leaders in Asia convene to discuss key industry trends and its impact on businesses.

In this first series, the focus will be on Sustainability.

2021 is a crucial year for climate action; in a recent 2020 Navigator report by HSBC, 85% of businesses see sustainability as a priority. They are grabbing the opportunity of change and transformation to prioritise sustainability and build back better.

Tune in to the discussion with thought leaders from Ayala Corporation, Deloitte Southeast Asia, S&P Global Ratings, and HSBC as they share three pivotal strategies that Corporates can adopt to transform their sustainability practices:

  • Look ahead to your future business: understand how regulatory guidelines on environmental risk management shape investor relations
  • Look inside to accelerate your transformation: seek out new sustainable finance methods to transform business practices when driving towards net zero
  • Look around to engage your business ecosystem: recognise the role of rating agencies in facilitating the exchange of information within the business system


The Panel

Victoria Tan


Victoria Tan
Head of Group Risk Management and Sustainability
Ayala Corporation
Bertrand Jabouley

Bertrand Jabouley

Head of Sustainable Finance, Asia-Pacific

S&P Global Ratings

Mohit Grover Partner

Mohit Grover Partner
Sustainability Leader
Deloitte Southeast Asia

Priya Kini Priya Kini
Head of Global Banking, Singapore
Hui Feng Zhang Hui Feng Zhang
Head of Corporate Sustainability, Asia-Pacific
Frances Chen (Moderator) Frances Chen (Moderator)
Head of Corporate Sustainability, Singapore

Discussion Highlights
00:00 – Welcome & introductions by HSBC
06:21 – Look ahead to your future business
15:42 – Look inside to accelerate your transformation
36:09 – Look around to engage your business ecosystem
47:42 – Q&A
57:55 – Closing by HSBC