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eGIRO (Electronic GIRO) is now live and HSBC Singapore is one of the nine banks participating in this platform as a Billing Organization bank.

What is eGIRO?

eGIRO is an initiative that digitises the GIRO application process to significantly reduce the set-up time through an efficient and secure digital platform. This initiative will allow both Billing Organisations and Applicants to access a network of other Applicant Banks and Billing Organisations with simple integration all on one platform.

Benefits of eGIRO

Improve Turnaround Time

With reduced set-up time via Electronic Direct Debit Authorisation mandates, Billing Organisations can collect payments within days upon Applicant's authorisation.

Improve Efficiency

The troublesome manual handling of GIRO applicant forms is replaced with the digital processing of the Direct Debit Authorisation mandates, reducing the chance of human error.

Access to all Applicant Banks

Single access to all consumer or corporate applicant banks participating in eGIRO via the Billing Organisation’s website.

Real Time Update of Status

Receive real-time update of Direct Debit Authorisation mandate application status.

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