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Optimise cash as your goods move from one country to another. Our tailored solutions enable you to get paid early for your shipment while protecting against multiple risks.

Whether you are a producer, processor, trader or end-user, HSBC’s structured trade and commodity finance solutions help businesses mitigate various risks, including country and counterparty risks, as well as supply, demand and price shocks. Our international trade finance specialists provide traditional and innovative solutions across all stages of the supply chain — from production to transformation to marketing. Find out how you can access funds to produce, process, store, export and/or distribute commodities and make repayment when sales commence.

Our structured trade and commodity finance solutions

Pre-export and prepayment finance

Capitalise on advance funding to meet working capital needs. For exporters, pre-export finance allows you to obtain financing against future export flows of commodities, while importers can leverage on prepayment finance to support your suppliers’ financing requirements with advance payments.

Warehouse finance

Leverage on existing inventory held in warehouses to fund ongoing expenditure. This can be extended to inventories held in oil tanks, bunkers, grain silos and other means of storage.

Other commodity financing structures

Access customised solutions for businesses trading in commodities such as energy, metals and more. Our trade specialists can provide professional advice on financing solutions tailored for your business.

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