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When you're ready to scale your business beyond China, HSBC provides dedicated support from HSBC Desk Network in Singapore to help with your expansion plans.

Dedicated support from a team that knows your language

Doing business abroad often requires getting up to speed with the local legal system and navigating different banking practices and customer expectations. At HSBC, we make venturing overseas easier for our clients through our specialist desks around the world.

Access HSBC's China Desk from Singapore

Our China Desk in Singapore helps Chinese businesses expand into new markets through the China-Singapore corridor. It can support companies of any size and in industries as diverse as technology, infrastructure, healthcare, chemicals and e-commerce.

Our specialists have the knowledge and expertise to connect you to overseas opportunities and advise you about your new business environment. The combination of HSBC China’s network and our international footprint via HSBC Singapore means that we can meet your banking and financing needs anywhere in ASEAN and beyond.

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Singapore: China's Gateway to ASEAN

Discover the opportunities that the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) will bring to ASEAN and the ways Chinese corporates with expansion goals can take advantage of the China-Singapore Corridor to tap the potential of the region.

Enter ASEAN confidently with HSBC

With HSBC's deep expertise in partnering Chinese corporates to scale across borders, find the solutions you need to gain access to the ASEAN network.

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