It is now crucial to gain better visibility and control of your cash flow and working capital as your business matures. We provide the expertise and solutions to support your needs as they change.

Solutions to support your operations

Global trade and receivables financing

With our flexible import and export solutions, improve your cash flow by unlocking up to 90% of invoice values and minimise the risks of international trade-such as price and currency volatility-with structured trade facilities and guarantees.
With our Receivables Finance (RF) Express solution, you can leverage on your receivables for additional working capital as your sales increases.

Supply chain financing

Free-up cash trapped in your company's supply chain while extending payment terms to buyers. Our supply chain finance solutions enable suppliers to get paid early while you pay invoices by the due date. They also pay your buyers on time while you enjoy extended payment terms.

Digital solutions

HSBCnet our global streamlined digital banking platform, provides a centralised overview of your business finances and helps you better control your operations and risk position across the region.

Risk management

Manage your company revenue from currency risk with foreign exchange solutions including forwards, non-deliverable forwards and options contracts that hedge your FX exposures.

HSBC Campaigns, Our ASEAN Network

Our ASEAN Network

If you’re looking to expand in the region, give your business the best support possible with our ASEAN network.

HSBC Campaigns, Sustainable Financing

Sustainable Finance

We are committed to achieve a cleaner future. We support businesses engaging in sustainable practices and help them transition to a low carbon economy.

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If your global headquarters is located outside of Singapore and you intend to open an office in the city-state, we can help you get up to speed quickly.

Growing beyond your current banking set-up

Expanding your international business strategy

With more than 3,000 regional experts in cash, trade, foreign exchange and capital financing, we have the expertise and experience to help you implement different types of liquidity structures and even expand your business via mergers and acquisitions.

Scaling across the region

Entering new markets brings challenges as well as opportunities. Experience greater flexibility and efficiencies when you centralize your business operations and treasury.

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