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Evolution not revolution

Our Resilience report in July revealed a picture of challenge and change.

Since then, we’ve surveyed more than 10,000 companies in 39 countries and territories to find out how they’re responding to the ongoing challenges and preparing for the future.

The findings in our Navigator – Rebuilding beyond 2020 report reveal that most businesses are evolving rather than transforming. In doing so, they’re continuing to invest to grow – and they’re changing their mindset around what will make them successful.

How will your business rebuild beyond 2020?

Navigator – Real insights from real businesses

Preparing for a different future

Our research showed that the COVID-19 pandemic has hit some businesses harder than others. But some common themes have emerged.

  • Investing to grow – even if their revenue has suffered
  • Evolving their mindset rather than transforming their operations
  • Entering new trade markets, not leaving old ones
  • Reshaping their supply chains for security and resilience
  • Recognising that sustainability is good for business as well as the planet

The survey reveals the deep impact on business outlook in Singapore:

  • 67% of Singapore firms expect profitability to recover by the end of 2022 (73% APAC)
  • 42% foresee sales shrinking in 2021 (28% APAC)

Yet businesses are still increasing their investment in growth:

  • 59% intend to increase investment for growth (67% globally)
  • 87% plan to expand their international business (76% globally)
  • 51% are immediately investing in expansion overseas (41% APAC)
  • 98% have concerns about their supply chains (93% globally)
  • 63% are looking to adopt digital/ technology into their supply chains (48% globally)

Start of a New Era

As we look to a new era of business and trade we sit down with HSBC experts to get their views and outlook for business in Asia Pacific, including how they are rebuilding to adapt to the new normal and what the recent signing of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) means for businesses across the region.


  • Frederic Neumann, Co-Head of Asian Economics, Global Research, HSBC
  • Stuart Tait, Regional Head of Commercial Banking, Asia-Pacific, HSBC
  • Tony Cripps, Chief Executive Officer, HSBC Singapore

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