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Assure customers of your business’s financial strength and ability to fulfil a project from start to finish. Conduct business with confidence by giving your suppliers peace of mind that you have the financial resources to pay them promptly and in full.

Manage business with confidence, even where you lack established relationships, through the use of guarantees and standby letters of credit. Our bank guarantees give your suppliers and buyers in Singapore and across the world the assurance of payment in the event of default or non-performance.

Our tailored solutions comprise financial and non-financial guarantees, including reissuances. In markets where a banker’s guarantee is less common or prohibited, we can issue standby letters of credit as an alternative solution.

Our guarantees solutions

Financial and non-financial guarantees

Ease your business partners’ concerns of non-payment or non-performance. We are able to support guarantees covering a wide range of risks – e.g. tender bonds, performance bonds, rental guarantees, customs bonds and financial guarantees etc.

Foreign guarantees

Through our global network of group offices and correspondent banks, you can count on HSBC to meet your need for foreign guarantees, and at attractive terms.

Quick issuance with cash-backed guarantees

We can issue your guarantee quickly on a fully cash-backed basis, helping you to meet tight deadlines.

Government Beneficiaries eGuarantees

Issuing your guarantee favouring government beneficiaries can now be completed within a day. With our eGuarantees, the paperwork of lodging the guarantee to the agencies is taken care digitally by us, saving you time and effort.

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