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One-stop digital platform for all your payment collections needs

What is HSBC Omni Collect

As digital payments evolve with each passing day, so should your day-to-day operations. HSBC Omni Collect is a win-win for you and your customers. We make it simple for your customers to send and you to receive money through multiple payment channels and across countries via a single touch point.

Key features of Omni Collect

  • Supports in-store, eCommerce and mCommerce and bill / invoice payments
  • Acceptance of multiple payment options: PayNow, Cards* and e-Wallets*
  • A unified view of all your daily business transactions through reports
  • API connectivity for payments, notifications and transaction status enquiry

Benefits to your business

Mitigate the risks and administrative burden of handling cash and cheques. Free your business from the inconvenience and costs of managing multiple payment service vendors.

  • Simplify collections

    Accept a variety of payment modes on a single platform without managing multiple vendor integration

  • Reduce administrative work

    Automated reconciliation with standardised reconciliation reports provided daily

  • Greater customer satisfaction

    Simplified payment journey to deliver greater convenience for your customers

  • Receive funds instantly

    Leverage on Singapore’s real-time payment infrastructure to receive funds instantly 24 / 7 / 365 via PayNow QR.

  • Boost sales

    Capture more business opportunities by providing more payment options

  • Future-proof your business

    Enable support for increasingly popular digital payment channels

How payment transactions are simplified with HSBC Omni Collect

Bill and invoice payments via HSBC Omni Collect

Bill / Invoice payments

Simply embed SGQR on your bills and invoices. Your customers can scan and payment is made in just a few clicks.

How HSBC Omni Collect works at point of sale

Point of Sale*

All-in-one digital contactless payment terminal, your customers can choose PayNow, Cards* or e-Wallet* as the mode of payment and you will receive the payment notification instantly.

Use of HSBC Omni Collect in eCommerce and mCommerce

eCommerce and mCommerce

Doing business online has never been simpler. Offer different collection methods to your customers by incorporating PayNow, Cards* or e-Wallets* in your website or mobile application for ease of payment.

HSBC payment collection case study, Market Expansion Services provider

Case study: Market Expansion Services provider

With customers demanding a more digital experience and COVID-19 re-inventing the way we interact digitally, DKSH recognised its need for a new payment and collection strategy to improve its existing processes.

HSBC worked with DKSH to implement PayNow QR via API, part of the HSBC Omni Collect solution, to allow customers to make invoice payments simply by scanning a QR code, which triggers instant payment notifications to DKSH. Since launching its new payment solution in November 2020, DKSH has seen a host of benefits. First, it has transformed the customer experience, delivering a smarter, faster, friction-free service. Second, the new solution automates certain key steps in the payment process, allowing DKSH’s finance teams to operate more efficiently.

Building on this success, DKSH is working with HSBC to enhance its receivables capabilities by adopting the rest of the HSBC Omni Collect features and expanding the payment solution to other markets in Asia Pacific.

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