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The wheels of trade spin round the clock globally. Now your trade transactions can also be at your fingertips 24/7.

Save time on your banking needs. Spend more time building your business and realising your business goals.

HSBCnet for Trade

With HSBCnet for Trade, you can manage your trade finance portfolio with our comprehensive range of trade finance features available online. Our easy-to-use interactive Trade Dashboard, which you can tailor to your needs, lets you manage your working capital efficiently. Track the status of your trade transaction in real-time, on the go and securely with the Trade Tracker app to keep clients and suppliers updated 24/7.

You can now use HSBCnet to send us your trade finance instructions, download reports and monitor your portfolio

Letter of Credit (or Documentary Credit)

Issue and amend Documentary Credit easily and reuse data from past DC issuances and templates for an efficient, hassle-free application.

Import bills

Seamlessly find and download scanned documents for your Import DC and Collection Bill documents. You can accept the bills and choose to easily settle them with cash or trust receipt.

Guarantee and Standbys

Clinch contracts and secure products and services by issuing Guarantees and Standby DC with the click of a mouse.

Buyer Loans

Paying a supplier on a recurring basis? Set up a Buyer Loan template with your supplier account details and save time on paperwork. What more, you can amend, extend, settle Buyer Loans easily and download a copy of SWIFT MT103 to evidence payment made to your supplier. Use GetRate for instant FX rates.

Transfer a letter of credit

Need to commit an order with your supplier without a credit facility? You can apply to transfer your Export DC with ease through HSBCnet.

Receivables Finance

HSBCnet provides a one-stop access for your invoice submission, funding status, ledger statement, limit availability, outstanding funds in use and more.

Export DC Advising

Once you receive an email notification of your DC’s arrival, simply download a copy of the DC and get on with your shipment preparation.

Outstanding transactions

Know how many transactions are outstanding and customise how you like to see it and how frequent you want a snapshot.


Softcopy reports are available in csv or pdf format whenever you want and however you like to receive it.

Trade Dashboard

The fully interactive Trade Dashboard shows a summary of all your transactions, notifications and actions. Learn how to customise it to suit your needs.

  • Customisable widgets allow you to design your dashboard with graphs or charts
  • Simply click on within the widget and it will take you to the transaction or action you are looking for

Trade Transaction Tracker

A quick and easy way to get a consolidated real-time status of all your trade transactions. On the mobile app, you will know if your trade counterparty has received and accepted the bills, track the delivery status of your collection documents and be informed when payments are received. You get to spend less time waiting for phone calls, faxes or emails.

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