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Optimise your working capital and make local and overseas transactions more efficient.

With flexible transaction processing, price transparency and robust reporting, transactions are swift, safe and secure.

Make timely payments to local and overseas suppliers and subsidiaries in almost 30 foreign currencies. With HSBCnet GetRate, you can access real-time pricing in G10 currencies such as the US dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen and Pound Sterling to emerging market currencies such as the Chinese Renminbi, Indian Rupee and Philippine Peso. and full transparency on transaction fees and charges if any.

Experience smarter execution

HSBCnet GetRate

Get real-time exchange rates in 26 currencies for your transactions

HSBC Evolve*

Take control of your FX exposure and risk management with our e-FX platform

Global Research

Receive complimentary access to global insights and FX research views to help you stay ahead

Trading hours

Foreign currency conversions are supported by our continuous pricing from 5am Sydney time (GMT+10 or GMT+11, depending on daylight saving) each Monday until 5pm New York time (GMT-5 or GMT-4, depending on daylight saving) each Friday.

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