Liquidity, Liability and Investments Solutions

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Maximise surplus cash and optimise interest earned with our range of global liquidity solutions ranging from deposits, self-funding to investment tools to help you to streamline your treasury operations, improve efficiency and enjoy greater yield.

Our liquidity, liability and investments solutions

Global Liquidity Solutions

A range of self-funding tools that enable you to efficiently manage and optimise your cash across markets globally. Key products include Cash Concentration, Notional Pooling and Interest Enhancement solutions.

Liquidity Investment Solutions*

An online platform that allows you to automatically invest your cash into a range of money market funds based on your cash investment policy and a set of client-defined investment parameters.

Deposit Accounts**

Supporting your core cash management activities including accounts receivables, payables and yield optimisation by using our Current and Term accounts. View the interest rate for Term accounts

Liquidity Management Portal*

A digital platform that provides flexible and customisable view of your company’s global cash position, as well as tools to seamlessly-manage your liquidity, cash pooling and investment execution.

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