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Faster, simpler digital trade finance with HSBC TradePay¹.

Unlock your working capital with our revolutionary digital trade finance solution that empowers you to draw your loan and make just-in-time payments to suppliers in under a minute.


Simply upload a payment file

Just-in-time financing can be a useful tool for keeping borrowing costs under control. With just a few taps, you can choose the exact amount needed to pay your suppliers.


Instant loan drawdown and supplier payment³

With no need to submit transactional² documents to have your loan processed, you get speedy access to funds when you need it.


Everything in one place

Finance and payment are fully integrated into HSBCnet, a single platform that gives you total visibility of your finances – anytime³, anywhere.  

Key benefits

  • More time for growth

    A fully digitized process replaces the hassle of loan paperwork, giving you more time to focus on business strategy and expansion.
  • Enhance supplier relationships

    With the option to automatically notify suppliers about payments.
  • Keep borrowing costs under control 

    Just-in-time financing lets you borrow the exact amount required when your payments are due.
  • Do business with confidence

    Payments are secure and backed by the digital expertise of a global bank.  
Prima Group

Find out how Prima Group overcame a challenge of fluctuating pricing and increasing interest rates by exploring HSBC TradePay.

Challenges HSBC TradePay helps you solve

High seasonal demand

Cash flow management can become a major issue if your business faces seasonal working capital challenges due to the cyclical nature of purchasing inventory from several suppliers.

With HSBC TradePay: Request immediate loan drawdown and supplier payments to cover your seasonal inventory. This means you can pay suppliers promptly without straining your working capital during peak buying periods, ensuring healthy supplier relationships and a steady inventory flow for each season.

Rapid scale-ups

If your business is scaling rapidly due to a big contract, you might require immediate working capital to pay your component suppliers earlier than usual.

With HSBC TradePay: Quickly access working capital finance to cover these costs. Its seamless, on-demand nature aligns cash outflows with your ramped-up production schedule, ensuring smooth operations to meet your new contract’s demands.

Lost time and efficiency 

The administrative strain of manually arranging supplier payments and collating loan submission documentation can waste time and stifle employee productivity.

With HSBC TradePay: Streamline supplier payments with fast access to working capital so supplier payments don’t bottleneck your business.

Precision timing demands

Managing supplier payments with advance pre-planning can strain your operations, hindering timely responses to market demands.

With HSBC TradePay: Unlock just-in-time financing to get immediate access to working capital without the traditional complexity. Supplier payments become a catalyst, not a constraint, to your success.

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