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Import finance provides businesses with capital to help them bring goods into a country. By bridging the gap between payment for imported goods and sales receipts, our solutions can give you greater flexibility, liquidity and also help you strengthen your negotiation position with suppliers.

You might be asked to pay upfront for goods made overseas. In many instances, this is required as exporters are wary of the risk of non-payment from international customers like you. However, paying for goods upfront can put a strain on cash flow until you are able to collect proceeds from sale of the goods.

Our import/buyer finance solutions, with flexible financing options, enable you to optimise working capital by funding the lag between outgoing and incoming funds. These can help you negotiate better prices and not miss out on business opportunities due to inadequate cashflow.

Our imports solutions

Import documentary credit

Give your suppliers an assurance of payment with a HSBC issued documentary credit and secure your purchases without upfront payment. You can maintain control over the transaction through stipulated documentary requirements that need to be met, and your suppliers will only be paid after the documents presented by them are deemed to comply with the terms and conditions of the documentary credit. We can also issue a documentary credit at your request quickly on a fully cash-backed basis, helping you to meet tight deadlines.

Import documentary collections

A secure and cost-effective way to trade internationally and a simpler alternative to documentary credits, import documentary collections let you pay your supplier after the goods have been shipped. With a documentary collection against payment (D/P), import documents are released to you on payment. With a Documentary Collection against acceptance (D/A), the documents are released to you against your promise to pay.

Shipping guarantees

Speed up the receipt of imported goods by providing freight carriers with a shipping guarantee issued by HSBC.

Import/Buyer Loans

We can support your short-term, trade-related working capital needs for your domestic and international purchases on a pre-shipment or post-shipment basis, with loan repayment terms aligned to your trade cycle.

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