Banker's guarantees

Assure customers of your business’s financial strength and ability to fulfil a project from start to finish. Conduct business with confidence by giving your suppliers peace of mind that you have the financial resources to pay them promptly and in full.

Business risk management

Manage the risks of doing business. HSBC offers an array of services designed to help you manage both your internal and external exposure.

Interest rate risk management

Let us work with you on innovative risk management through a broad selection of vanilla and structured interest rate derivative products. Take advantage of our far-reaching presence and extensive rates product knowledge to gain access to global liquidity and customised solutions.

Foreign Exchange (FX) risk management

We are one of the leading global Foreign Exchange (FX) market makers. Whether your execution needs are driven by a transactional, hedging or investment strategy, you can leverage our global footprint, local knowledge and deep expertise to gain insights and manage your exposure in a manner best aligned with your objectives

Precious metals risk management

With over 150 years of experience in metals, HSBC is your natural first point of contact when trading commodities: we are a global leader in precious metals.