Banking for Large Corporates

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Does your business make expensive or long-term investments to generate revenue?

Stay sufficiently capitalised and protect your business from multiple risks as you expand into new markets. Find out more about our range of financing and risk management solutions to help you better manage liquidity and hedge against market fluctuations.

Does your company manufacture products?

If your business has capital requirements for plants or machinery, we can help you optimise cash flow and manage your supply chain while giving you real-time foreign exchange rates for your transactions.

Are you in the business of buying and selling?

If distributing finished goods to consumers requires you to streamline high volumes of payables and receivables, and improve inventory cycles, our global digital platforms and trade finance solutions can help your business grow faster.

Does your business provide services to others?

Where knowledge and ideas are the company’s primary input, you’ll need to secure the funds needed to pay for talent, technology and workspace. Fund growth by bridging the gap between payables and receivables.

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 HSBC Digital Solutions for Large Corporates

Digital Solutions

When your business spans multiple markets, managing working capital across these and having visibility of your global or regional operations is critical. Our streamlined digital banking platform, HSBCnet, provides a centralised overview of your business finances and helps you better control your financial risk position wherever you trade.

Bespoke solutions for large corporates

From services and retail companies to manufacturers and real estate conglomerates, our banking solutions have been designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of companies based in Singapore.

HSBC Sustainable Finance for Large Corporates

Sustainable finance

It takes a collective effort to achieve a cleaner future. We aim to do our part by empowering businesses to engage in sustainable practices. Our commitment includes providing financing and investment to reduce carbon-intensive activities and support the development of new energy sources.

 HSBC Solutions for Large Corporates

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With more than 140 years of experience in Singapore serving large corporates, HSBC has the expertise and global connections to support your business’s growth plans. Our services and solutions are tailored to meet the needs of large corporates from a wide range of sectors and financial needs.

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