HSBC World Corporate Mastercard®

HSBC World Corporate Mastercard® is a simple way for you to effectively control your business expenditure and manage working capital more efficiently.

Export finance

Gain more control over exports, improve cashflow and manage risks associated with international trade more effectively using HSBC’s export finance facilities. With a significant presence in local markets around the world, our trade specialists have the in-depth knowledge to help you assess emerging market risks and give you the confidence you need to expand your business internationally. This includes helping you understand the regulatory environment as well as unique cultural, social and economic conditions when exploring new markets.

Digital Receivables Finance

Supercharge your cash flow and unlock the power of your sales invoices with Receivables Finance. Apply easily online and upload your accounting data using our intelligent mapping tool.

HSBC Corporate Card for Purchases

The HSBC Corporate Card for Purchases lets your authorised employees and suppliers manage day-to-day expenses.

HSBC Central Travel Account

The HSBC Central Travel Account is a complete travel payment solution to complement your HSBC World Corporate Mastercard®

HSBC Omni Collect

One-stop digital platform for all your payment collections needs

HSBCnet for Trade

The wheels of trade spin round the clock globally. Now your trade transactions can also be at your fingertips 24/7.

Supply chain finance

Supply chain finance (SCF) helps companies lower costs of financing while improving efficiency by unlocking working capital tied up in the supply chain. Through our supply chain solutions, businesses can improve working capital and free up valuable cash. In addition, your relationship with us doesn’t just benefit you. Your suppliers can also benefit from your standing with us and enjoy competitively priced working capital. Our supply chain finance solutions enable suppliers to get paid early while you enjoy longer payment terms without having to make trade-offs.

Open account

Trade directly with organisations that have a good financial status and that also recognise your business’ good financial standing using HSBC’s open account solutions.

Clearing and foreign currency payments

Optimise your working capital and make local and overseas transactions more efficient.

Global receivables

Improve your working capital by streamlining and enhancing visibility of your accounts receivables.

Global payables

Manage expenses and payments more effectively while minimising your exposure to payment fraud.