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Supercharge your cash flow and unlock the power of your sales invoices with Receivables Finance. Apply easily online and upload your accounting data using our intelligent mapping tool.

What is Digital Receivables Finance?

Digital Receivables Finance is an online receivables finance application tool created to help your business manage cash flow with greater ease. It is now even quicker and easy to apply for receivables finance.

How to apply for receivables finance using our online portal

Review your prefilled application

Your Business Development Manager will pre-fill the start of the application for you, based on their knowledge of your business and requirements. All you’ll need to do is review this and provide some additional information so we can assess your application fully.

Share your accounting data

Share your accounting data with us by using our intelligent mapping tool to guide you through the upload.

Review and accept your indicative offer

Review your indicative offer if eligible where you’ll find out how much funding we can provide and clear information about our fees.

Here you will find everything you need to know about Digital Receivables Finance.

How to complete application for HSBC Digital Receivables Finance

How to complete your application

Everything you need to know about the customer portal and how to complete your application.

Data HSBC needs for Digital Receivables Finance application

How to share your data

Detailed information about how you can share your accounting data with us.

How to share your accounting data with HSBC for Digital Receivables Finance

How to review your offer

Find out how to review and accept your indicative offer.

What data do we need

Additional requirements for the data you need to share with us.

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