Innovation Lab Crawl 2019

Thursday, 14 November 2019
10:00 – 17:00 SGT
21 Collyer Quay, HSBC Building, Level 2 Innovation Lab, Singapore 049320
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The opening of the HSBC Singapore Innovation Lab was the first of such a dedicated and strategic space for the bank in Asia Pacific Launched in 2015, the Lab focuses on driving and developing the next generation digital and mobile banking, based on needs of corporates with a particular focus on cash management, liquidity, trade and supply chain. Staffed with a team of business and technology experts, we partner with clients, technology firms, academia and the government to generate new ideas and concepts for prototyping. Cutting-edge client propositions will be put to trial through business simulations to derive practical insights into digital disruptions, and fine-tuned before being fully launched in the market. The lab continues to be a key incubator for HSBC’s world-wide innovation programme, leveraging our international reach and connectivity to accelerate and amplify the benefits and opportunities to our clients with international ambitions.

Who's speaking?

Himanshu Joshi

Associate Director
Transactional FX Distribution - Global Markets

Transactional FX and HSBC API Portal

10:00 AM - 10:45 AM

Transactional FX brings transparency, certainty and efficiency to cross border transactions. Our upcoming HSBC API Portal will make the integration journey for our clients easier and quicker across businesses.

About the Speaker: Himanshu is responsible for Transactional FX business for ASEAN, South Asia and China. Himanshu joined HSBC in 2015 and has around 16 years of experience in developing and marketing Transactional FX and payments solutions.

Alvin Lim

Head of Digital
Retail banking and Wealth Management

Mobile Centered Smart Banking

11:00 AM - 11:45 AM

Consumers are mobile savvy and multi-banked with multiple products and across geographies. Technology can now securely aggregate and integrate these into a single useful platform for users to be informed and action. This is supported by real-time payments, messaging, transactions, authentication etc. "Connected Money" is an example of how HSBC is enabling all of these to come together.

About the Speaker: Alvin has been with HSBC for almost 6 years as the Head of Digital for the Retail Business & Wealth Management (RBWM) Singapore. He leads the digital agenda in modernizing the digital banking services making every experience simple, faster and better for the customers.

Prior to HSBC, Alvin had experience in the digital industry having worked in Malaysia and China across global banks, regional digital agency, search portal and start-up companies.

Scott Samson

Senior Commercialisation Manager
Global Liquidity and Cash Management

Cashflow Forecasting

3:00 PM - 3:45 PM

HSBC’s Cash Flow Forecasting proposition will provide clients insight on their cash projections and enable them to make informed decisions on how to efficiently manage their liquidity.

About the Speaker: Scott Samson is a Senior Commercialisation Manager in HSBC Singapore. He is responsible for structuring complex, regional liquidity solutions for clients across Asia.

Rajeev Tummala

Senior Product Manager
HSBC Securities Services

Digital Capabilities in Securities Services

4:00 PM - 4:45 PM

HSBC Securities Services (HSS) will be presenting how we are bringing the capabilities that matter in Securities services to customers. We will touch on a range of topics from API’s, Automation, AI to DLT.

About the Speaker: Rajeev Tummala is responsible for Digital and Data initiatives in ASEAN and focuses on the impact of Distributed ledgers and Artificial intelligence on Securities Services.

Taking concrete steps to advance Southeast Asia’s digital economy

At the Asean Economic Ministers’ annual meeting taking place this week members will undoubtedly be discussing how to address many of the global economic headwinds that we currently face.

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