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Changes to terms and conditions governing the accounts of HSBC Commercial Banking Customers


Effective 20 September 2020, we will be amending the General Terms and Conditions Governing Accounts governing the accounts of HSBC Commercial Banking Customers and replacing them with a revised suite of documentation comprising a Master Services Agreement, the Singapore Country Conditions, and a set of Account Disclosures (the “New Terms”). The Master Services Agreement focuses on the essential legal terms governing our relationship with you, the Country Conditions set out Singapore-specific terms necessary from a local regulatory and/or operational perspective, and the Account Disclosures complement the Master Services Agreement and Singapore Country Conditions by setting out information relating to cheques, tariffs, statements and dormant accounts.

Please click here to obtain a copy of the New Terms.


Updated Trade Application Forms

We are pleased to announce that we have updated the following trade application forms.

1. Export Documentary Credit (DC) Bill Negotiation/Trade Collection Instruction (PDF, 2MB)
2. Application for Irrevocable Documentary Credit (PDF, 1.64MB)
3. Amendment to Documentary Credit (DC) Application (PDF, 1MB)
4. Application for a Bank Guarantee or Amendment/Cancellation of a Bank Guarantee (PDF, 1.91MB)
5. Application for a Pre-shipment Buyer Loan (PDF, 979KB)
6. Application for a Post-shipment Buyer Loan (PDF, 1MB)

All the mandatory fields are displayed upfront and highlighted in red. This will help to improve the turnaround time in transactional processing. Please note that we will no longer be accepting the older version of the forms from 1 September 2020 onwards.

You may also download the updated forms at

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