HSBC World Corporate Mastercard®

HSBC World Corporate Mastercard® is a simple way for you to effectively control your business expenditure and manage working capital more efficiently.

HSBC Commercial Cards Programme

HSBC Commercial Cards help you manage your company’s travel and entertainment payments and day-to-day expenses more effectively, giving you greater visibility and control over your business expenditure.


Gain more control over incoming and outgoing cash flows. Getting funds in sooner, and holding on to them longer, is critical for maintaining a healthy cash flow.

HSBC Online Management and Reporting platforms

With HSBC's online management platform MiVision, you can easily manage cardholders and their spending, better monitor costs and maximise efficiency.

HSBC Virtual Credit Card

The HSBC Virtual Card is a convenient, card-free payment and financial management solution for businesses.

HSBC Corporate Card for Purchases

The HSBC Corporate Card for Purchases lets your authorised employees and suppliers manage day-to-day expenses.

HSBC Central Travel Account

The HSBC Central Travel Account is a complete travel payment solution to complement your HSBC World Corporate Mastercard®

HSBCnet for Trade

The wheels of trade spin round the clock globally. Now your trade transactions can also be at your fingertips 24/7.

Currency Exchange Rates and Prime Lending Rates

Get updated on the latest deposit rates, prime lending rates and foreign exchange rates at HSBC Singapore.

HSBC Mid-Market Rate

We understand that if you’re trading internationally, you need to access the currency conversion rate offered for your payments and transfers.

HSBC Omni Collect

One-stop digital platform for all your payment collections needs

PayNow on SGQR

PayNow is now on SGQR, Singapore’s unified payment QR code. It combines PayNow QR and other payment QR codes into one single SGQR label. Register your HSBC PayNow Corporate Alias on SGQR to further simplify collections for your business through a single QR code.

Clearing and foreign currency payments

Optimise your working capital and make local and overseas transactions more efficient.

Global receivables

Improve your working capital by streamlining and enhancing visibility of your accounts receivables.

Global payables

Manage expenses and payments more effectively while minimising your exposure to payment fraud.

HSBCnet Overview

What if your everyday banking could be extraordinary?

HSBCnet Mobile App Features

At HSBC, we are dedicated to leveraging technology and innovation to make your life simpler.

PayNow Corporate

The corporate version of PayNow is now live and HSBC Singapore is one of the nine banks participating in this platform. PayNow Corporate is an enhanced funds transfer service that offers the potential to deliver significant efficiencies in how you send, receive and reconcile Singapore Dollar funds locally using an account alias.